Hawthorn, finis

When last we spoke, I mocked up the new Colette pattern “Hawthorn” in muslin. And then I made it for real. 



See? I look cute. This is my favorite dress. It is also – hands down – the most comfortable dress in the universe. I’ve worn the damned thing twice already.

The mock up went together so well, but the actual garment had a complication. I screwed up. I traced all of my cutting lines onto the underlining in yellow. When I cut out the skirt fronts, I mistook the fold line of the facing for the actual cutting line. So when I realized my oopsie, I luckily had enough fabric to cut a facing for the skirt front. Sigh ….

But it all came right in the end. The fabric is a joy to work with, and the colors are brilliant. I got it from  Fabric.com, and it’s called Kimono Voile Floral Ivory/Blue. The underlining is an ivory lawn, also from Fabric.com. Underlining the fabric really made the colors burst forth. 




Now back to enjoying the final weeks of summer!




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