I have the coolest friends!

I am going to Disney with my family in a few weeks, and I asked my very talented friend, Katie, if she would make me an across-the-body purse. I have two already, but they are deeper than wide, and I wanted wider than deep. I hate digging for stuff. I don’t carry a lot in my purse, but I hate digging for it. 

She asked the usual questions – size, color, features. I gave her the size wanted and the features that I would like to have. The fabrics were completely up to her. 

I love her aesthetic. She and I both work as instructional designers, and her training videos are always clever, to the point, and lovely. And everyone likes taking her courses.

Her purse and bag designs are wonderful. She had that coveted ability to put color, pattern and texture together in a way that no one else would consider but you know is exactly right. 

This is the bag that she made for me, and, no – the pictures don’t do it justice:

ImageThe front. Girlfriend was smart and gave me an adjustable strap!


ImageGenerous front pocket. I love the giraffe print with the yellow piping! 


ImageThe cell phone pocket. Where does she get these fabrics?


ImageThe back. Do you see the teal zipper? Do you?


ImageInside zipper pocket. With a pink zipper.


ImageInside the zipper pocket. The colors just flow together.




ImageIt fits me perfectly. Ahhh.

Jealous? Don’t be – Katie has an Etsy store: Redgate Ave. Get the bag that fits you. Because you can’t have mine.







  1. Thanks, Marty! I’m so glad you love it as much as I do : ) This is the sweetest post. I’m already looking foward to make more of these!

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  3. Katie should make one for your niece so we can be matchy matchy! I love all those funky fabrics- they mesh together so well!!!

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