I made shorts! That fit!

I would like to add my voice to the Sewaholic fan club, specifically for the brilliant pattern, Thurlow.

I have tried Burda, Vogue, Simplicity, and making a self-drafted pattern. Nothing fit, and I was beating myself up trying to give myself more room here while taking other areas in. I felt like I would never be able to sew a pair of pants for myself.

I am petite and curvy, especially in my rear. My hips aren’t wide, but my butt does do back a ways. Plus, my waist is proportionally small to my hips. That just spells trouble for fitting pants. 

Tasia designed Thurlow (and most of her pattern line) to fit pear-shaped women. When I took the pattern out of the envelope, it looked like all of the other pants patterns that didn’t work. EXCEPT it has an extension built into the back seam up to the waist. I think this may be the secret. I’m not sure, and I don’t care. With a few adjustments and damned little effort, they freakin’ fit.

I made a muslin like a good little sewer and decided to increase the crotch depth by half an inch on the front and the back.



The waist of the muslin was very tight even though I cut a size 6 in that area, so I decided to cut the front pieces a size 10 and the back a size 8. (No, really, the waist was really small on the muslin. I have a tummy.)


I bought a blue patchwork cotton that was on sale at Mood. The selvedges were really uneven, so I used the stitching lines of the patches for my grain line.

I sort of tried to match the patchwork across the pattern pieces, but I didn’t worry overmuch if things were a little off. This fabric is so busy, no one will notice. Including me.

Here is the end result:




I don’t normally tie my shirt up like that, but I wanted you to see the whole piece.

Here is my favorite part:



The waistband barely dips when I sit down. How cool is that!

Truth be told, this pair of shorts is a little large. I think lengthening the crotch solved a couple of fitting issues and gave me more room than I planned on. I’m still gonna wear the bejeezus out of them.



This pattern and these shorts are better than a basket of puppies.




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