A Wadder

Every creator / designer / maker of things has a project that makes us feel like an amateur. We question our so-called abilities and how we ever thought we could call ourselves a creator / designer / maker of things.

And then we think of our teacher, family, and friends who encouraged us to develop our craft – were they patronizing us?

I had such a project, also known as a wadder.



This is Burda 112.04.2013. The fabric is a cotton sateen from Mood. And the two simply don’t go together.

Did I make a muslin and test the garment first to make sure it was even right for my figure? No.

Did I consider the weight and drape of the fabric when I made my decision to use it for this dress instead something more simple, like a pant pattern? No.

Did I completely make up a fantasy image of myself (with auburn hair) in a lovely dress that reality would not produce? Oh, yeah.

This should not have happened. I’m not a beginner, and this is not a difficult dress. I know that I can only have so many pleats and folds on my body before things look frumpy. I know that the thicker a fabric is in my fist, the heavier I will look once it’s on my body. So many times, we want The Dress. I’m human – I wanted This Dress and this fabric, and I went into this project without using any of my experience to even pause and consider alternative fabrics, patterns, or even go slowly so that I wouldn’t waste time, energy and fabric. Well, rats.

I will make this dress, and the fabric will be much thinner. I will make a muslin so that it will fit properly. And I now know which of Burda’s steps to ignore. And I will look devastating.





  1. I like this dress too! Though I guess it may look different in person. Still, the next go-around, I feel certain you will kick that dress’ arse!

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