Window Dressing

If I can’t find The Thing I’m looking for to go in a certain space, I don’t fill that space. Case in point, my living room walls were bare for the first 10 years that we lived here. Then I went a little nuts and changed the content on that wall three times. 

I have made several of my window coverings in my house. The reason is that the radiators and air conditioning vents are below almost all of the windows, so treatments needed to be made custom. Plus, I really don’t care for curtains in the stores. They aren’t very imaginative, at least the ones in my price range.

In the master bedroom, I made Roman shades and padded cornices for both windows. The shades have a bird motif, and the padded cornice was a blue/brown/off white stripe that coordinated with the birds. But it was dull and lifeless. A year or so ago, I removed the cornices and my bedroom windows looked like this:

ImageThey were fine but not “finished.” A few weeks ago, I FINALLY found a fabric to complete the look.

ImageThe picture is not the best, but the window looks much more polished and done. Now I’m thinking about making a duvet cover in that same plaid … Perhaps by next year …






  1. You can make window treatments for me anytime. I’ve only made one, and that was recently: a perfectly rectangular valance that consists of fabric folded and glued. It looks way better than the old store bought atrocity I’d had up for years, but I can only imagine how grand it could be if you had a go at it…!

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