My Studio

I love looking at other people’s work spaces, especially sewing spaces. I’m very sure that all of that organization will one day rub off on me.

Perhaps some of it has. Or I’ve decided to stop living vicariously through others. A few weeks ago, I asked my husband to build me a cutting/ironing table, on casters. The room is small – the table really needed to be moveable. After he finished it, I knew that I needed to spruce up the space. So, here it ’tis ….

ImageFirst, a panoramic view. This is taken from the doorway into the room, a doorway which is in the middle of the freakin’ wall. Makes the wall almost useless except for holding up the roof. But I digress … Onward – 

This is the larger of two bedrooms upstairs. It has a small closet that has not been organized yet, and plenty of outlets for my electrified toys, er, tools.

ImageCome in the door, and turn to the left. The cabinet holds sewing supplies. The containers are not nice enough to have on display. On the table are my serger and sewing machine (duh, right?), both Janome. It’s the brand that I liked at the time that I bought them, and they are wonderful machines. I keep (lots) of yarn in the boxes on the shelves.


I love my Kindle, but all of my references are, and will always be, physical books. And there’s not a better bookshelf than these from Ikea. 

ImageMood board and computer. The iron to the right of the window is in a wall holder also from Ikea (love that company). 

ImageThe table built by my better half. It’s perfect: 3′ x 6′ with a shelf for rolls of fabric underneath. The top has bolts under the padding that I can undo quickly to change the cover when it’s a mess of water stains and Sharpie marks. And finally …

ImageThe door in the middle of the damned wall. A door belongs on one end of the wall or the other – it’s a pain to deal with the wall otherwise. To mitigate the annoyance, I have pegboards to keep often-used tools where I can grab them quickly. Although, when the door is open, it covers up the pegboard on the left. Sigh. 

So, that’s the tour. Hope you enjoyed it. Come back again – things change often!









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