To err is frustrating

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I’m making a pair of socks, but I forgot to turn the heel.


I’m making a button-up blouse, and I’ve had to attach the collar three times. Grrr.


I’m making the most comfortable shirt in the world, and I made a slash in the middle of the sleeve. Kill me now.


But all is not lost. Everything is fixable. I’ll rip the sock back and turn the heel. I’ll pin the collar on then baste it before stitching it permanently. I have enough fabric to cut another sleeve.

I still feel like an idiot.



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      • I’m just glad I’m not the only one that does them! When I was pressed for time on a white button up for my two year old (why oh why couldn’t I find one for her?!?) I think I redid the collar three times due to the dang button hole that was not cooperating. I ended up leaving it off and it looked fabulous. πŸ™‚ (And of course I ALWAYS make mistakes when I have too little of something, be it time or materials!)

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