Purse and a Haircut, Five Cents

A friend of mine makes gorgeous bags and quilts, and she invited a few of us over one evening a few months to get started on a bag for ourselves. We used Amy Butler’s Style Stitches book, and I chose the Blossom Bag. Good lord – making a bag can be just as involved as making a dress. I went from this …

… to this.

A bag model, I am not.

I have to tell you that I would probably not make this again. It’s very thick – the pattern calls for Peltex as the interfacing/stiffener. That is serious stuff. As a matter of fact, I couldn’t get the bag under my presser foot to tack in the dividers.

I had to make the bar tacks by hand. I’m glad for the busy print on the fabric – no one will really get a good look at the messy stitching. I couldn’t get  a pin through all of the layers so everything shifted constantly. I don’t have any real experience sewing anything this thick (obviously) – I finally moved up to a 14 needle toward the end. That helped quell some of the frustration. Even my winter coat wasn’t this bulky.

It’s also a rather big bag for me.

I like to travel light and keep my purse or bag flat against my body.

The instructions aren’t easy to follow, even with graphics. I didn’t have to rip anything apart, but I did spend a good deal of time reading some of the steps over and over. I think the next purse I might try will be a clutch, but not from this book. I’m going to try Butterick 5576. I know – I could probably wing it, but I don’t feel like creating it from scratch. My local fabric store, Fabric Hut, as some gorgeous leather that would be perfect for fall and winter.

I like the bag, and I’m glad that I made it. But it might be an only child.

And the hair cut? I just wanted something different. For the cool weather, doncha know.




  1. I was wondering how this beauty is coming along. It looks great!

    PS – I made Amy’s Weekend Traveller bag not too long ago… and had to finish it with a hot glue gun. I have no idea what kind of machine she thinks we have.

  2. That bag looks really cool-I would not have thought to use that fabric. I haven’t used that sort of interfacing before but apparently yogurt containers are a good substitute and easier to push under the presser foot.. XD

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