Batiste shouldn’t treat me this way

I made a blouse out of batiste with velvet paisley. And it is like a bad boyfriend – I love it and can’t let it go, even though it’s so mean to me.

This swatch is laying on top of blue velvet so that the pattern would be visible – it didn’t show up in the pictures below very well. The paisley becomes more obvious to others around me as it attracts every piece of black and gray fuzz that blows in the wind.

The pattern is Burda 104.05.2012. The editors suggested that the fashionable will of course button the top button. I rebelled during this photo call.

I love the sleeve length – the end of the cuff hits at my wrist, but it’s perfect for rolling up which I always do. I’m not a fan of the straight hemline – it seems too middle-aged to me. I’ll muddle through.

The button band instructions made me crazy – I spent two days figuring out what in the world the writers were trying to tell me. It’s created by folding the facing over rather than having a band over the buttonholes as on most shirts that I see. Oiy. The front darts are also curious. They are HUGE on the pattern, and then the instructions tell you to trim them down and neaten them after you stitch them. Why? In the end, it didn’t matter. I have a prominent abdomen – always have, even when I was 112 pounds – so I let an inch out of each front dart anyway.

The collar was also a pain in the rear end, but by that time I was numb.

I can’t iron this shirt, but I like the wrinkles. I like that Sunday look.

I do like this shirt, even though it makes me crazy. It fits well (except at the shoulders – don’t look), and I have plans to make a pair of purple corduroys that, paired with this blouse, will create texture overload this fall.


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