A little plain skirt

I will start teaching a few sewing classes next month at Tidewater Sew Vac. I’m so excited because the education director let all of the teachers choose what we want to teach as well as where and when. (She gets the task of sorting out all of our requests.)

Rather than ease into this new job, such as teaching on or two topics, I chose four: how to make a muslin, a pencil skirt, a blouse, and a sleeveless dress (preferably made of blue velvet!). I’m also teaching at three different locations. What I didn’t think about is that I have to make a sample of each garment for each location. By the time I start, I will have lots of practice with each.

The first skirt I finished is here:

I had the fabric in my stash, a microfiber fake blue suede. It’s actually supposed to be a pencil skirt but doesn’t look it in reality, so I’m considering going back and taking in the circumference around the knees a bit. The other skirt that will be complete tomorrow shows the pencil shape better – this fabric is very soft and floppy. But it’s comfortable and goes with so many tops. And the best part is the lining:


It’s a basic polyester lining, but the design always cracks me up. I’ve had this for five or six years. I used it to line a brown wool coat, and the lining always gets admirers. It even acquired a friendly stalker at work – she would come to my desk every so often during the winter just to look at the coat and threaten to steal it.

Solid colors in the wardrobe are perfect and absolutely necessary, but I like to consider my dry cleaner when choosing my lining. They need something fun to look at, too.





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