Zen and the art of Mixer Maintenance

When Ken and I first moved into together 17 years ago, he had a truck and a Jeep. I had a Dodge hatchback. We didn’t need three cars – we lived in an apartment and parked on the street – and I coveted a shiny KitchenAid mixer. I decided to sell my car, which wasn’t worth much as a car anymore, and buy the mixer of my dreams.

It was green. Green was a very popular color in 1995. And I used the be-jeezus out of it. I learned to make French bread. I made cookies and desserts and whipped meringue to my heart’s content. The next year we moved into our house, got married, and I developed a passion for gardening. Then I went back to school. Then I started gaining weight. The mixer of my dreams came out at Christmas and for birthdays here and there.

I noticed this past Christmas when I picked it up from to put it back in the closet that there was a spot of oil on the counter. I meant to mention to Ken but forgot. Saturday, while making the cheesecake, I removed the beater and saw oil coming down the connector.


I finally told Ken about the problem. He opened up Vinnie (yeah, yeah, I named my mixer), and this is what he saw:



There is supposed to be grease surrounding the gears. However, over time the oil separated out and started to leak. God love KitchenAid. All those silver rings are not only decorative, but they catch leaking oil. They were pretty full.


Ken explained that this happens when an appliance or engine isn’t used frequently and just sits for long periods of time. So he went online to look for grease. KitchenAid had a quart available for $20, but a quart would last for generations. He then decided to go to the auto parts store and get synthetic grease. It’s cheaper, comes in a smaller container, won’t breakdown ever, and is food-safe.




All better!




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