A Commandment

This skirt took far too much time. Three months. Yep. Three (3) months.

I took an online course called “The Couture Dress.” Great course. Amazing teacher. If you sew, take this course.

When I registered, Craftsy sent me the pattern for the class. It’s a cute dress, but it didn’t do anything for me. It had a lot of pieces and parts that were too much to work with while learning a new way to sew. Instead, I chose Burda 118.04.2012, a pencil skirt. It has seven panels, which makes it really easy to fit on a curvy body – mine. I learn better when there’s a simple application of the lesson.

The fabric is cotton pique, underlined with batiste, and lined with a disappointing polyester satin.

“Why is the lining disappointing?”


“Why did you put POLYESTER SATIN with cotton?!?”

Well, you see, it’s like this. I chose the fabric two years ago with a summer skirt in mind: pique for the fashion fabric, batiste for the underlining, and the lining was  crepe de chine. Everything went together, back then. All white for hot weather. (You see what’s coming, don’t you?) Part of couture sewing is having generous seam allowances. And when you underline white with white, all you can see when you try your wonderful skirt on is WHITE SEAM ALLOWANCES.

I couldn’t use the crepe de chine lining at that point, and I had gone too far to pull everything apart to change the underlining. I needed something more substantial to camouflage the mess that was showing through. Hence, the thick polyester satin. And the skirt is just a little tighter than it should be on me now. Yea.  So I end this post with a sewing commandment:

Thou shalt not underline nor line white with white. 

Skin tones, people. Skin tones.





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