Camisole for summer

I’ve been knitting, too.

I started this camisole two years ago, put it in a bag to tote around with me, hung it inside my closet, and forgot about it until two weeks ago. That’s a little view into my mind, such that it is.

The yarn is a fun cotton, Tweedy Cotton Classic by Tahki Stacy Charles. I have no idea if it’s still available – it’s been two years. Cotton is a funny yarn. When knitted up it can be extremely heavy. It’s also quite slippery. Some knitters I know actually tack their ends down with thread after they’ve woven them in. I’m living on the edge by just weave things in for the time being.

The pattern is Honeymoon Cami by Julia Trice, and you can find it on It’s fast to knit – less than three weeks for me when you add up all of the actual knitting time and ignore the two years of time in the closet.

This is a very comfortable and lightweight garment, and I wear it with a strapless bra. I had on khaki shorts, but I think it would look much better with white shorts or a jeans skirt.

I’ve also been sewing, but that ain’t ready. But I will include my head the next time. Promise.


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