Homemade for Mother’s Day

My step-mother and my sister both have enough stuff – they will be the first to tell you that. My husband and I decided to take them to lunch to celebrate Mother’s Day, but I wanted to do a little somethin’-somethin’ to push the needle further to “special.” I made them each a corsage.

Autumn fern

Cherokee rose

I have a Cherokee climbing rose and a couple of autumn ferns in my backyard, both of which were perfect for simple corsages. Both roses and ferns have fairly stiff stems, so they don’t need wiring for support.


Once you have supplies like floral tape and corsage pins, you will not have to replace these things until you’re old and gray.

Rose on top of fern, stems together

Strip the lower leaves

Wrap stems tightly with floral tape

Add the corsage pin

If I could change anything that I did, I would wrap the floral tape up to the base of the flower. It’s top heavy, and even though my step-mother wore a cotton blouse with some stiffness to it, the flower still flopped over on the first few pinning attempts.

Keep your hand between the pin and the wearer of the corsage.

Looks nice against the pink …

The best place to pin a corsage, especially if the recipient is wearing a thin blouse, is over the left bra strap. That way, if she doesn’t mind, you can pin through the strap to help hold the corsage in place.

Next year, I’m going to try wrist corsages.




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