When Grandma made Barbie clothes

This is a collection of clothes made for a little girl’s Barbie in the early 1970’s. And grandma made some chic things! The purple outfit is a strapless gown with a matching bolero, both crocheted. The knitted pink outfit on the far right is a cardigan, strapless tunic, and bell-bottom pants.

Look at that cape! The plaid matches across the opening! She really put a lot of thought into the ensemble.

Did you have handmade Barbie clothes when you were little?




  1. My neighbor made my Barbie a green suit jacket and skirt. She may have made a few other pieces but that is the one I remember. Love this post!

  2. Those are beautiful, Marty. My mom (as you might recall) didn’t approve of Barbie dolls so I never owned them. However, when I was in high school, she started making dolls and stuffed animals for little sister (she still makes them, though these days it’s for craft shows). My boys, a big as they are, still treasure the toys, pillows, and quilts my mom made for them. –Mary

  3. Yes 🙂 my Nan made them for me in the sixties and there are still a couple packed in one of my many boxes. Thanks for the wonderful memories – Nan taught me knitting, crochet and sewing when I was very young and and I’m still at it. It served me well when I was left to bring up my kids on my own, selling heaps of crafts at markets and helping us get by. 🙂

  4. I’m so glad all of you like the clothes! The photo is not the best.:) The other thing I discovered about these clothes is that the grandmother sewed each one to a piece of cardboard so they would stay neat until her granddaughter opened the package. It’s details like that just make me smile.

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