Knitting to Stay out of Trouble

We are going to Florida this weekend to attend a wedding. The plane trip will take two hours, and even though there are a lot of activities planned, I need something to keep me occupied between times, i.e., keep me off the streets.


I bought this pattern and the yarn at the Montpelier Fiber Festival last fall. The color is called Berry, and the vendor had a sample of the finished stole in this color hanging with the yarn. It was gorgeous, and I couldn’t stop petting it.

This project should keep me occupied not only this weekend but for the next month. When it’s done, the wrap/stole will measure 21.5″ wide x 75″ long. I don’t think the recipient will use it as a wrap but maybe as a dresser scarf. Everyone needs pretty things, not just practical ones.

(Yes, one of the yarn balls is lighter than the other two. I didn’t notice until today that it was a different dye lot. That’s what we creative types call a feature.)

See? I’m kept under control, and someone gets a lacy gift.



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