Still moving in after 16 years …

I have the worst time arranging and decorating rooms in a way that makes me happy, but in the last few years I’ve had more success. It also helps that my husband is quite handy with a camera.

Last April or May, we took my parents and my nephew to Cape Charles, Virginia for lunch and to just see what was there. Ken brought his new camera to play with the settings and give it a workout. It was a cloudy day that went from warm to chilly with a shift in the wind, and some of the images he caught were slightly overexposed. I decided these would look wonderful in a grouping on one of our bare walls.

Fortuitously, I had a pack of Ikea borderless picture frames doing absolutely nothing. Quick decorating project, right?


The frames are 9″ x 9″, and we printed the photos at 7″ x 7″. I cut the pictures to 8″ x 8″ with about a 1/2″ border. About.


Not only were these frames cheap, but the black mat paper that came with them was the perfect finish for the clean look that I like with photos. And the clips that hold the glass, photo, and backing together all have a place for hanging.

Then the photos sat in a stack for ten months until I decided exactly where to hang them. Ah, the dining room.


Everyone says that I hang pictures too low. I say, Nuh uh. You can’t see details if you have to look up at something – you should be able to look right at or slight down at art. These are a little high for my taste, but we have the same 8-picture arrangement on another wall in the same room at the same height. It’s fine – the picture that I moved to put these here is at the perfect height over the sofa. So there.



  1. I AGREE… art should be hung at eye level. (Which presents some problems when you have 12 foot ceilings like I do, but whatevs). This issue is also quite humorous to me because my cousin Mike, who is 6’5″, and his wife Lianne, who is 5″, can never agree where to hang pictures. They have totally different ideas of “eye level.” You can always tell who hung what in their house.

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