Leftovers: Baked Eggs

So, you have a little of this (one bratwurst) and a little of that (hunk of cheddar cheese) and you’re hungry. Bake some eggs.

Turn the oven to 375 degrees. Beat 2 eggs per person, and butter 2-cup custard cups – again, one for each person. Last night, I had the lone brat, cheese, a single slice of Pagan ham, and a scallion. I chopped everything into small pieces. You want your ingredients small so that when you dig in with a spoon, it all comes out of the dish easily.

After chopping, I scattered the meat and scallion on the bottom of the cups. Then I poured the eggs over that and grated some cheese on top and put the custard cups on a cookie sheet. I baked two for 25 minutes. If you decide to try this, start checking your eggs at 20 minutes. We like them more done.

I’d also let them cool for a few minutes, to avoid burning the inside of your mouth.



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