Mother o’ da Bride

My niece is getting married in June, in my backyard. My sister (her mother) is getting excited and pinning like crazy on our collaborative Pinterest board. I decided that she needs a really cool MOB dress. White linen with color blocking at the waist. Oh, yeah. I’m jumping on that sewing bandwagon.

Source: via Marty on Pinterest


This dress, from ModCloth, is my inspiration. It just says, Summer! Yes – that’s the back of the dress …


The bride’s colors are hot pink and neon orange. I’m throwing in some light green to cool the heat a bit. McCall’s 2401 has a basic sheath that  I can cut apart and piece colors together fairly easily. I hope.


I decided that the ratio should be 2:1:2. That could change after the first fitting, and again after I get the actual fabric. The swatches should arrive from by Wednesday.

I’ve transferred everything to muslin and cut out the pieces. I just need to thread trace and put it together for Kelley’s fitting this weekend. (I’m currently taking a couture class on, and as I watch each lesson I take another step on this dress.) (As a former instructional designer, I’m highly impressed with the format and design of their online course.) It won’t take me all week to get ready for the fitting, so at the same time I’ll jump on another sewing bandwagon and start making Burda 118-04-2012. I need/want a pencil skirt, and I didn’t have any luck drafting my own pattern.

That dress that I mentioned working on last week? Fail.

It happens.


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