Easter’s on its way …

When the kids moved to Denver, Ken and I started sending them occasional “silly boxes” and Easter baskets. The silly boxes have tapered off – the boys are kind of past it. But we still send Easter baskets.

Remember the big, make your own gift baskets as a home business craze? We make our own baskets. The kids get something unique, and we can control what goes into it. Meaning, each item is FABULOUS. There’s no filler, other than the obligatory fake grass. This time, I made one for all three of them, and put three of each item in the basket. Much simpler and they will enjoy just as much. I almost kept some of it.

I like a basket without handles. It’s easier to pack for shipping, and they won’t use it for hunting eggs. I also shrink-wrap the whole thing, and a handle is only in the way.

For this one, I got the basket and grass from Dollar Tree. I have a roll of shrink-wrap, which is easily obtained from any craft store. The goodies came from Harry & David (they were having a sale, and who can pass up the Moose Mix?).

Before shrink-wrap ...

I put half of the grass into the bottom of the basket. I then put the items on top in a symmetrical arrangement. I took the rest of the grass and stuffed around the items to keep things in place for shipping. And to make it look lush.

Before shrinking ...

Shrink wrap is slippery and can be as annoying to deal with as plastic wrap. Tape my your partner in crime here. I put tape on the bottom and sides of the basket to hold the wrap until I can put heat on it.

Ready to pack ...

The highest heat on the blow dryer will shrink the wrap quickly and tightly. I actually got it too tight, but I’m not going to lose sleep over it.

And, of course, I had to tie a bow around it. Again, tape saves the day, anchoring the ribbon so it doesn’t slide off.

What do gifts to you prepare for Easter?



  1. Excellent ideas, Marty! You inspired me this year….classic board games, crafting supplies & sparkly makeup were in one of my baskets. I attempted shrink wrap for the first time, but it did not look as polished as yours. Keep the inspiration rolling…..!

    • Well, mine wasn’t perfect this go-round. I shrank it so much that the sides of the basket bowed up! Obviously, it wasn’t a very sturdy basket, but it made it to its final destination safe and sound.

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