Place forehead to the desk. Repeatedly.

Not a successful day.

I’m working on a lace shawl, Lady Jane. It’s my first lace project, easy to understand pattern, and all was going swimmingly. Until this morning. The row that I worked on was supposed to have four stitches left after all of the pattern was done for that row. I have eight stitches left. I’ll have to rip out that row. Of more than 280 stitches.

Eight stitches left on the right needle, not four.

I made a jacket, Burda 102/2/2012. Today, I tried to tack the lining to the jacket and finish the whole project. But the left front panel of the lining was narrower, way narrower, than the jacket piece. Damn it.

Stupid lining

A few days ago, I made the passing comment that I am a four-year-old. I am. I want everything to be perfect, the first time. And my confidence dies a thousand deaths when simple projects go very awry and I don’t know how I messed up. I follow the directions. I’m not new to sewing or knitting. But things just go ca-flewey. When I was a supervisor, I told members of my team that mistakes were normal. That the sun still rose and life went on. And the mistakes were fixable. Right now, I see that as crap. Mistakes suck.

No, it is not the end of the world. I will take the lining out of the jacket and put it back more slowly and carefully. I will rip back one row of the shawl and knit it again with a lot of markers so I can track any mistakes more easily. And the problem might be in the design of the pattern, not me.

But tonight, it feels like me. Humph.

There is one thing I got right today, with very little effort. Dinner.

Roasted salmon and asparagus



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