My Crazy Valentine

Like many others, tonight I went to a lovely dinner with my husband. Wine, great food, and fabulous wait staff.

My favorite part of V-Day is sending a gift to my niece. She’s six, very self-aware, very self-assured, and has an evergreen list of gift ideas for anyone who asks. I use this day to send her things she never asks for nor would it ever occur to her to ask for these things. But I’m two for two so far.

She loves homemade things. She’s quite sophisticated for a six year old. Last year, I made her a set of magnetic paper dolls. I got the directions here.

This year was inspired by something I started years ago. I have fabric in my stash that I bought when she started walking. My plan was to make her a spring dress that year. Well, I didn’t. So this year I took that same fabric and made her a decorative pillow for her bed.


Even better, she liked it!


Happy Valentine’s Day.



  1. How incredibly sweet of you. I never knew that was your favorite part of valentines. We lOve you so much and Alexa loves and misses her aunt Marty very very much! We love and cherish everything from you even if it’s just a phone call! 🙂 this post melts my heart!

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