Leftover Fix – Mustard Sauce



Last weekend, I made a Tuscan roast pork loin, courtesy of Epicurious.com. It was wonderful. And it was a lot. So Monday we decided to have it again. But you know – warmed up pork, meat, chicken can become very dry really fast, and that’s just disappointing.

I like mustard with my pork, so my thoughts turned to an old-fashioned recipe, the mustard sauce. I had never had it. It was something that was mentioned in passing on 1950’s sitcoms and the old Memphis Junior League cookbook, but I think it sounded cool. So I grabbed the latest version of The Joy of Cooking. I didn’t make it exactly by the recipe, but what I made was easy, fast and really good. Plus, once the sauce is put together and simmering, you simply slide in the meat you want to reheat for dinner. It doesn’t dry out and it tastes amazing.


Mustard Sauce

1 pint heavy whipping cream

1/4 cup Dijon mustard

Boil the whipping cream in  a medium sauce pan over medium high heat until reduced by half. Watch the pan; it will boil up and try to go over the side. Just stir it down. 

When the cream is half its volume, turn the heat to medium low and stir in the mustard. Add leftover pork, chicken or beef. It’s done when everything’s hot. 

You can reheat the leftover sauce over low heat the next night, too.



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