I lied on Facebook. I said that I was not going anywhere near a store today until 7:00 this evening. Well, I did go shopping. BUT IN MY DEFENSE, I went to locally-owned small businesses. One stop was to continue work on making our guest room into a nautically themed room. The last few days, we’ve focused on the window.

Last weekend, we took a trip to the Northern Neck of Virginia. We found this great window pane with a mahi mahi painted on it. When we got home, K hung it in the top half of the window. Then K wanted some nautical fabric for a half curtain to cover the bottom half of the window. As he tried to describe to me what he thought the curtain should look like, I was dubious. And a little worried. I like subtle, simple looks. Everything he tried to explain for me seemed over the top. And, more often than not, like most marrieds we don’t understand what the other is thinking when it comes to interior design.

So today we went to The Second Yard in Virginia Beach. (This is my favorite fabric store, and I have converted many people to its charms.) We found a great fabric, and I made it to K’s specifications. We love it. What do you think?

I lied on Facebook


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