Decorating for Christmas

I was in the garden shop the other day and spied paper white bulbs. Years ago, I potted these each fall and they bloomed by Christmas day. I love the smell and having flowers bloom at Christmas, so I’m doing it again.


Paper whites like to grow in a shallow dish, and don’t require a lot of soil. I bought five bulbs for about $5.00 and found a container that’s about 10″ in diameter. (I’m so precise, doncha know…) I also bought 5# of river rock to put on top and weight the bulbs down as they grow.

soil and gravel

I put a layer of rock in the bottom of the pot to cover the small holes and help with drainage. Then I put about 1/2″ of soil on top of the rock.

bulbs in place

Paper whites don’t need to be in a lot of dirt – they can grow in just water if you wanted to put them in a bulb vase. I put the bulbs on top of the soil then added more soil halfway up.

covered with rock

Then I piled on more river rock to the top of the bulbs until only the very tips poked out.

in the fridge

After watering it thoroughly, I put the container on a plate and put the entire thing in the coldest part of the fridge, next to the eggs.

I’ll leave them in the fridge until the first or second week of December then put them either in the dining room or the living room to grow and bloom.

Now, if anyone has any cool tips for keeping these flowers upright – they fall over under their own weight – I would love to hear about it.


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