Look, Ma! No pattern!

Some days ago, the very talented Katy of Sweet Verbena posted a tutorial for making a boho maxi dress. It is brilliant in it’s simplicity, and I knew I had to try it. Lately, I’ve been going beyond my comfort zone and making a few things that don’t require a pattern. (People tell me I’m so creative – if only they knew how much I rely on directions for EVERYTHING.)

I have had this inky blue batik fabric for years, and this was the garment that fabric was meant to be. Katy made hers with knit, and she didn’t have to finish any edges. Knit doesn’t fray, and after a short period of time it tends to curl under. Plus knit drapes beautifully on most bodies.

My fabric is a thin rayon. I knew going into this that I would have to finish the arm openings and the neckline. I used single fold bias tape to be the “facing” for all of these openings and raw edges.

Rather than the straight down slash for a knit dress, my neckline is a V-shape and went a wee bit lower.

First neckline - 6 inches deep

Neckline - 8" deep

As it turns out, the neckline is now too deep so the dress tries to slip off my shoulders.

But I love it. This is perfect for wearing over a bathing suit and over to the beach bar. I can belt it or not. And as for the low neckline, I have a fix in mind that will take care of the Flashdance look.

Obviously, not correct belt, but you get the idea

Obviously, this is not the correct belt.

It’s also good without the belt …  I know – it might be one step away from a full-out mummu. But it moves beautifully and makes feel me elegant when I walk in around in it. It takes so little for me …


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