It’s Hard to Photograph Your own Feet

It’s a wonder fashion models survive more than one year in the industry: summer fashions are photographed and introduced when it’s 40 degrees outside, and some poor photographer’s assistant fights to keep sweat off of a wool-clad waif in July. I thought about all of this as I put on three different pairs of hand-knitted socks to show you today. I thought the pictures would come out better if I were outside, where it was 92 degrees. Each pair is different except in one respect: they all have wool in the yarns. I like ta died.

Why knit your own socks? It’s not because I find it fun. Socks are small and knitted on double-pointed needles. I also only use one pattern (so far) – Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s sock recipe. It’s very simple which allows me to have fun with yarn colors. It’s also plain and can be boring. (Sorry, Stephanie!) It’s mindless; I can knit while watching tv or on a plane without any trouble. So why? BECAUSE THEY ARE THE MOST FREAKIN’ COMFORTABLE THINGS IN THE WORLD. That’s why.

Without further ado, these are my socks.

Pedicure socks

Pedicure Socks

This is a combination of the aforementioned sock recipe and Ruthie Nussbaum’s Pedicure Socks. Ruthie designed these for getting pedicures in the cold winter months. She’s very smart. Unfortunately, I cannot lay my hands on the yarn ball band to even tell you the name or color scheme of the yarn. Ooops.


Brown wool socks

Brown Wool Socks

I made these with Wildfoote yarn from Brown Sheep Company; the color is called Mums. These are the warmest pair of socks that I’ve ever owned, bar none. This pair actually convinced me to make the next pair.


Striped socks

Striped Socks

These are just cute, whether you think so or not. I want to get a pair of turquoise Converse shoes to wear with them. The yarn is Sockotta, a self-striping yarn. I probably could have been ubber careful and started the second sock with the same color as the first and lined up the strips evenly, but it wasn’t that important to me. When I bought the yarn, I saw cotton listed in the content. I somehow missed the 40% superwash wool. Obviously, these are for spring and fall.


Three pair of socks

Three pair of socks for me

Will I make more? Oh, sure. I might even go crazy and try a different knitting pattern! We’ll see.




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