Wherever the wind takes us

There are no pictures today – make your own.

It was a long week, and the final thing I had to do was get my hair cut. (I rescheduled this appointment twice, so, yeah, I had to get it cut.) I called K, let him know about the appointment, and asked if he would like to meet me in Norfolk for dinner. No, bad time of day for traffic. Let’s eat in Portsmouth. Okay.

After I was styled and paid up, I pulled out my phone. Lo and behold, the text said he came over to Norfolk anyway. We went to a new place that we have driven past for the last five years while saying, We really need to try that place. Damn fine BBQ, I must say, and did. The waiter was young. He served us quickly and tried to deliver the check just as quickly. No, we’d like another glass of wine, please. We sat and talked for another good while.

We left out that door, turned towards Starbucks, and were waylaid by a very enthusiastic art gallery owner. You must come in! We have food, wine, and everything is 20% off! Except the jewelry. So we went in. The art was cool, fun, and very reasonably priced without the discount. There were lots of people drinking, eating, talking about art. The owner found us in the back. I didn’t forget you! Here’s some wine!

We wandered aimlessly and found three pieces, two of them for my friends.

At home, we looked at each other and said, That was fun.


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