Charles’ Crab Salad

Ain't they pretty?

I hate to brag …

Scratch that. I’m bragging. I have the best neighbor in the world. Yesterday, he said that he was cooking a bunch of crabs up for a friend. Did I want him to cook up a couple of dozen for me? I think I held my enthusiasm down long enough to give a gracious, yes, thank you.

He brought me 30 cooked crabs two hours later. And five minutes after that, he brought me a soft shell crab. It was huge.

I put the soft shell into the freezer. That will be my reward when I’m really, really good.

I ate three of the hot crabs, then I prepped peeled the crabs down to their inner carcasses and put them in the fridge. It was late, and I was tired.

Today, I picked those crabs and got four cups worth of meat. I still have to crack the claws, so there’s more to come. In honor of Labor Day and the taste of a fading summer, I made Charles’ crab salad.

Charles’ Crab Salad

2 cups crab meat

1/2 c good mayonnaise

1/4 c sweet relish

salt and pepper to taste

Toss the crab, relish, salt, and pepper together. Add the mayonnaise, and mix lightly. Serve on a potato roll, either hamburger or hot dog. Open the good bag of potato chips.

Serves 4


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