Burn Marks

I will grill anything. No exceptions. Yet.

The other week, I stood out in 90 degree weather grilling vegetables:

Oh, yes - even cabbage ...

My grill is old, and cheap as gas grills go. I want to kick it to the curb, but I refrain because I have no backup. So I turned those weak burners to high and managed to produce a week’s worth of food in about half an hour. I used the zucchini and corn in a crazy steak salad. I turned the eggplant into dip. The cabbage went into a smokey coleslaw. And the lemons! They went into everything.

If you take nothing else from me, take this. Grill your lemons. I’m not going to tell you again.

Fire is amazing.


One comment

  1. I like your blog! You are an amazing cook. I wish I had the energy, creativity and time to make things like that! Feel like we’re always grabbing burgers or tacos or something simple and not as healthy! I can learn a few things here with your recipes!

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