“Weren’t you knitting a sweater?”

And I still am.

This is the back:

vest back

And this is the front –

vest front

And this is a close up that gives you an idea of the mind-numbing stockinette stitch –

vest stitch detail

(Click on any of the pictures to enlarge them.)

I’m not – repeat NOT – dissing the designer. This is a great vest for someone with my lack of garment making experience. I love the simplicity of this vest, and the colors in the yarn will allow him to wear it with anything. If I measured him correctly and if it fits. My husband is 6 ft tall and used to be a Marine. It is taking longer to make him a sweater than to make myself a cardigan. But I will finish it! Before the end of March, dammit!


One comment

  1. I decided that I have too many unfinished knitting projects going on and need to start knocking them off one at a time before I start anything else new. It’s always so fun and exciting to start a new project!

    Keep going … you can do it!!!

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