Not much of an athlete …

The torch has been lit for over eight days, and this is my progress:

Ken's vest in progress

I knit at lunch yesterday, which amused the wait staff, the restaurant owner, and my friend. There’s not too much knitting-in-public in southeastern Virginia. I was a cute oddity rather than cool. It is my ultimate ambition to be cool. I’m going to keep going on this one project exclusively, if nothing else to see how far I can get in 14 days. I haven’t knit every waking moment, and I started 24 hours late (my muse is procrastination). I think it will be a gorgeous vest, though –

The pattern is from Knitting Pure & Simple, and the yarn is Swish DK, Delft Heather, from KnitPicks. I did two swatches: one for the washing machine because this yarn can be treated like that, and one for  hand washing. The swatch that was machine washed came out so soft, so light, and somewhat fuzzy that it was delicious. The one that I hand washed was softer but the stitches were still very distinct. I’m pretty sure that I should have let it soak for a while rather than just washing it. I’m learning … In the end, this will look really good on K. Whenever that end may come.


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