This is me.

It’s an unusual day. We decided to watch the Super Bowl (we never consciously make that decision), and I decided it was time to attempt blogging. There was an article in the paper or on Google the other day that said teenagers are moving away from blogs. Thank God. They ain’t my audience. If they stumble in, good luck to ’em.

I like to knit, sew, cook, and garden. I don’t care for cleaning bathrooms, vacuuming, or washing dishes. With me so far? Excellent.

I’m not a designer of clothing – I simply haven’t found that impetus yet – but I love to stare at patterns for hours. I fantasize about what new sweater, dress, or quiche will look like on me. That can have a down side; I haven’t made that many sweaters or baked that many quiches (my practical side is wanting). That’s alright. I do those things, and every once in a while I’ll put my experiences to – not paper, um – computer. My thoughts will also probably wander around other topics as well. I’m not just about what happens at home, you know.

So, thanks for dropping in. I hope it’s worth your time. If it’s not, I never promised you a rose garden.


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